Egypt Skateboarding Hub Since 2005
  • Yassin and Ziad Montage Ramadan 2011

  • Webisode 5

    A new video edited by Yassin Koptan and Karim Alexander.
    Skaters (in order of appearance) : Amin Rida, Karim Alexander, Yassin Koptan, Mahmoud Tarek.
    Song used : Feather - Nujabes ft. Cise Star & Akin (Cyne).

  • Webisode 4

    Featuring Alexandria's Team members Amin Rida, Karim Forsberg & Yassin Koptan shredding not only Alexandria but some other place too and in HQ :D

  • Skateimpact Team Announcement 2010 proudly presents the new team formation.
    Meet the Team: Karim Forsberg, Yassin Koptan, Amin Rida.

    These skaters have been riding for the last 4 years shredding spots inside and out of Egypt. Skateimpact proudly supports their efforts sponsoring them to give them the reason to always go for more. It has been the one and only goal of Skateimpact is to develop, propagate and place proper foundation of skateboarding in Egypt... and it will always be.

  • Webisode 3

    Flowriders Sneek Peak Websiode 3.
    With Amin Rida & Yassin Koptan Along with other local skateboarders shredding spots in Egypt.

  • Amin Rida Sporting Club Pool

    Flow team rider Amin Rida landing a hardflip down the pool and a boardslide on the pool's handrail. He hit his left hand on the pool borders in the end.

  • Webisode 2

    Featuring: Yassin Koptan, Yann Aubry and Amin Rida.
    Filmed and Edited by: Cherif Herrawi

  • Webisode 1

    First Episode of local Egyptian skateboarding scene after announced team sponsorship.
    Video Featuring: Yann Aubry, Hazem Mishriki, Yassin Koptan, Amin Rida, Oozy, Ali Tartino.
    Filming: Cherif Herrawi, Ahmed Tarek
    Editing: Cherif Herrawi