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Skateboard Etiquette : The unwritten rules of skateboarding

Skateboard Etiquette

1. Dont mall grab.
Mall grabbing is when you're carrying your board from the trucks, don't do it don't ask questions, always carry the board from the deck.

2. Never be the that's easy I can do it better jerk.
When someone has been trying a trick for the past two hours or so, that trick not the nicest thing to do easily in front of him, you could be the local  Micheal Jordan of skateboarding and can do all the tricks in the book, but hey ... not this one and not at this time.

3. Never cut turns.
When everyone is skating one obstacle always know your turn never cut turns.

4. Respect priorities.
If a friend is filming a trick at a spot that you might get kicked out of at any second its best to sit down and wait for him to film his trick. More than one skater skating a spot will increase the chances of attracting security guards.

5. Never Ollie when playing S.K.A.T.E
no one cares if it's an Ollie North, South, East, or West ... if it's an Ollie don't it in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

8. Speed is the epitome of gnar.
When filming lines the amount of speed is much more important than tricks ...
that Nollie Lazerflip would look wack if you're moving as fast as a girl in a shopping mall.

9. Don't be a poser.
Skate because you love skateboarding not because you're going filming and becoming popular, seeking attention, or want to be the "sk8er boi" so you can get the "skullxx nirvana girl".
10. Support beginners.
Always appreciate a landed trick or a close try even if it's too easy for you now, remember it was once hard.

11. Skate for fun.
Don't focus so much on getting sponsored, skateboarding is about fun. Focusing on getting sponsored and forgetting the fun part of it might make you eventually quit, if it wasn't the time for you to get picked up by a sponsor.

12. Have patience.
If you're filming never keep complaining that the skater can't land the trick already. Give him his time, if you volunteered to film then sit your ass down and wait for a landing.