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Things Skateboarders Frequently Hear In Egypt.




1"Matgeeb Lafa"

In some occasions it's "Matgeeb zero"; because the number zero looks like a circle and therefore a "lafa" haha lovely joke. Don't give the f*cker a lafa.


2."Mesh kebert 3ala el beta3a dih?"

Curious pedestrians want to know why someone older than 9 is riding a skateboard. Don't answer let their minds wonder.


4."Matel3absh bel beta3 da hena!"

Shop owners near skate spots always feel threatened by the kids with the "URO", Unidentified Rolling Object, and as a defence mechanism they must have you leave the spot immediately. Don't leave.


5."Kefaya dawsha yabny, sada3teny"

Now skateboarding may cause some noise, but definitely not as noisy as drivers honking every god damn second, construction work that is basically everywhere now, and awful arabic pop songs at every coffee shop you pass by. Never mind and carry on skating.



Yes skateboarding is rough and skaters get hurt more often than 16 year old girls say "OH MY GOD", but I still like skating ... I want to hurt myself, enta mal omak?


7."Hatloblak el bolis!"

Egyptian police in real life is like the police in American movies, they always show up after all the action. So yeah by the time the police arrives I would have landed the trick and already left. good luck calling el bolis.


8."Hello Will-cum ejeebt"

Because Egyptian logic says if you're not playing football you're probably not Egyptian, and if it's skateboarding then you're definitely not Egyptian.


9."Captain heya betelza2 ezay fe reglak ?"

Go head and explain the ollie to a random passerby. Best of luck.


10."Howa da khashab ya captain?"

la2a ya uncle da potassium.


11."Matwareena haraka keda?"

There are a lot of things to do in this situation, but the best is say "la2a".


12."Fee menha ba2a el be 3agalteen bas"

When random people share their heavy-duty knowledge about skateboarding, explaining elaborately that a ripstick and a skateboard are basically the same thing just go Hmmm.