Egypt Skateboarding Hub Since 2005

Who Is Skateimpact

Based in Alexandria, Egypt, Skateimpact was founded in summer 2005 by skaters who love and have the passion for skateboarding.

Being the first online e-commerce in Egypt, the founders have passed many years doing their best to make the Egyptian skateboarding scene evolve. Main focus was to serve all the Egyptian territories through easy online ordering platform that has become Egypt's skateboarding hub.

Skaters suffered from the lack of boards in Egypt, and it was a pain to get one from abroad. How could the skateboarding scene in Egypt evolve without a source of equipment!

Work started online on the 10th of September, 2005 with an introduction of the top American brands. The driving motivation is not to cash in on the popular skateboarding trend. The owners already have their own family business. They love skateboarding and finally decided it was time to give the small Egyptian skateboarding community what it deserved: a skateboard distribution and shop that made good on its promise to be the best.

The company is very serious in reaching its goals for this jaws dropping sport. It will always do what’s best for the evolution and the good impression of our evolving community. Skateboarding image should always remain “impressive” and “respectful” as the founders very hardly maintained.