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  • Blind X2 Vision Interview with Bill Weiss


    Blind X2 Vision Interview with Bill Weiss
    Q: You just had the Blind video “Damn…” come out last year, how did “X2 Vision” come about?

    A: With the team we are always out skating and filming (even when we were editing “Damn…”) At first, there wasn’t a set plan, but after about six months I was amazed at how much footage TJ and Yuri had stacked up…I started to think about doing a video with those two guys exclusively. I spoke to them about the idea and they were super down; things really took off from there…

    Q: Why did you decided to call it “X2 VISION”?

    A: I was thinking of stuff that had to do with two’s and one thing that came naturally to me was having double vision from being wasted :)
    I started thinking more about it and I liked the thought of how when you’re really buzzed sometimes your eyes cross and you see double…I thought that could make for a cool concept visually with tow skaters and then shared the idea with Mike Manzoori and he nailed it!

    Q: Your last video was also with Mike Manzoori, and it was really sick!! Did you have him in mind when you decided to make this video as well?

    A: Absolutely. Mike and I have been friends for a long; I'm a huge fan of his work behind the lens and on the board. I feel his involvement and contributions to “Damn…” really helped re-vamp the look-and-feel of the Blind team with his style and editing. He really brought the riders personalities to light while highlighting their respective styles of skating.

    Q: Where was most of this video filmed?

    A: The video was filmed in several locations including: Southern California, Toronto, Barcelona, Brazil, Vancouver, and China.

    Q: Do you have any spoilers for us?

    A: I don’t want to spoil anything, but I'll tell you this: I have seen so much amazing shit go down while filming…these guys push themselves and each other to their limits--spilling blood on the streets giving it everything they got. It has been inspiring to go out there with them daily to make it happen. Both TJ and Yuri have really unique takes on skateboarding, which is why this makes for a really amazing combo to watch: raw, fun, and simply amazing.

    Q: What was the craziest part of making this video?

    A: Everything was pretty crazy when we were making this video, but that’s how it should be…and it’s worth every second!


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  • An Interview with Yuri Facchini



    How long did you have to film for X2 VISION?

    Yuri: Maybe around a year, something like that...


    What is it like filming with TJ for the video?

    Yuri: TJ is the shit man! He’s always full of energy motivating me and everyone around not just on skateboarding but on pretty much everything else, it was fun good times with this G!! WOOO!


    What cities and countries did you film in for the video?

    Yuri: Pretty much all around Brazil, parts of Spain, Italy, and Southern California


    What was the funnest part of filming for the video?

    Yuri: Traveling to new countries, meeting new people and skating with all the homies, of course!


    How was it working with Mike Manzoori on X2 VISION?

    Yuri: It was really fun man Mike; he kills it! Mike has all these crazy-ass ideas and really  knows what to do with them. I haven’t known Mike for that long, but I could tell when I met him he would be  a sick guy to work with!!!


    Any spoilers?

    Yuri: Nawwwww...hahaha!!


    What was the toughest part of filming for the video?

    Yuri: Didn’t really had that much time to film everything that I wanted to do, and a couple tricks the was stuck on my mind but that’s how it is skateboarding never stops will always have something new to try and to do...


    What is next after this video?

    Yuri: Going to keep what I’m doing now, skating and having a lot of fun—always ready for the next thing...


    Blind X2 Vision is now available on DVD and iTunes!

  • Things Skateboarders Frequently Hear In Egypt.




    1"Matgeeb Lafa"

    In some occasions it's "Matgeeb zero"; because the number zero looks like a circle and therefore a "lafa" haha lovely joke. Don't give the f*cker a lafa.


    2."Mesh kebert 3ala el beta3a dih?"

    Curious pedestrians want to know why someone older than 9 is riding a skateboard. Don't answer let their minds wonder.


    4."Matel3absh bel beta3 da hena!"

    Shop owners near skate spots always feel threatened by the kids with the "URO", Unidentified Rolling Object, and as a defence mechanism they must have you leave the spot immediately. Don't leave.


    5."Kefaya dawsha yabny, sada3teny"

    Now skateboarding may cause some noise, but definitely not as noisy as drivers honking every god damn second, construction work that is basically everywhere now, and awful arabic pop songs at every coffee shop you pass by. Never mind and carry on skating.



    Yes skateboarding is rough and skaters get hurt more often than 16 year old girls say "OH MY GOD", but I still like skating ... I want to hurt myself, enta mal omak?


    7."Hatloblak el bolis!"

    Egyptian police in real life is like the police in American movies, they always show up after all the action. So yeah by the time the police arrives I would have landed the trick and already left. good luck calling el bolis.


    8."Hello Will-cum ejeebt"

    Because Egyptian logic says if you're not playing football you're probably not Egyptian, and if it's skateboarding then you're definitely not Egyptian.


    9."Captain heya betelza2 ezay fe reglak ?"

    Go head and explain the ollie to a random passerby. Best of luck.


    10."Howa da khashab ya captain?"

    la2a ya uncle da potassium.


    11."Matwareena haraka keda?"

    There are a lot of things to do in this situation, but the best is say "la2a".


    12."Fee menha ba2a el be 3agalteen bas"

    When random people share their heavy-duty knowledge about skateboarding, explaining elaborately that a ripstick and a skateboard are basically the same thing just go Hmmm.

  • Skateboard Etiquette: Expand your skateboard's lifespan


    Every skateboard dies eventually , but why do some skateboards last longer than others ? not only due to the quality of the board, type of skating ,how often the skating is, but also due to how you're treating your skateboard. Here is a list of tips that might help expanding your skateboard's lifespan.


    1. Water is a skateboard's enemy:
    Skateboard deck gets soggy and loses that crispy pop feel if it's new and gets a little heavier, trucks, bearings, hardware basically any metal pieces get rusty ... so remember stay out of the rain.


    2. Don't leave the griptape in the sun too much.
    Remember how you remove a griptape by heating it so the glue gets weaker making it easy to peel off ? well sun=heat. Don't leave your board griptape side up for hours in the sun.


    3.Clean your bearings regularly.
    Skateboarding is all about charging full speed. Bearings must always be in good condition. Skating anywhere exposes your bearings to dust which slows down the bearings, so clean them when you can ... once a month would do it.


    4.Quit throwing your boards.
    If you can't land a trick and it's taking endless tries try not to get it all out on your skateboard. If you can't hold your anger you can go Jerry Hsu scream your lungs out style, but never go Kerry Getz "Hockey Temper" style. No one likes a chipped deck, so why risk it ?


    5.Don't scrap your tail.
    Scrapping your tail may seem like a clever way to stop a skateboard in the eyes of beginners because they've probably seen it that gay stuart little white mouse movie or something, but no it's not clever and it doesn't look cool, it only gets the tip of your skateboard's tail thinner and the board loses pop.

  • Skateboard Etiquette : The unwritten rules of skateboarding

    Skateboard Etiquette

    1. Dont mall grab.
    Mall grabbing is when you're carrying your board from the trucks, don't do it don't ask questions, always carry the board from the deck.

    2. Never be the that's easy I can do it better jerk.
    When someone has been trying a trick for the past two hours or so, that trick not the nicest thing to do easily in front of him, you could be the local  Micheal Jordan of skateboarding and can do all the tricks in the book, but hey ... not this one and not at this time.

    3. Never cut turns.
    When everyone is skating one obstacle always know your turn never cut turns.

    4. Respect priorities.
    If a friend is filming a trick at a spot that you might get kicked out of at any second its best to sit down and wait for him to film his trick. More than one skater skating a spot will increase the chances of attracting security guards.

    5. Never Ollie when playing S.K.A.T.E
    no one cares if it's an Ollie North, South, East, or West ... if it's an Ollie don't it in a game of S.K.A.T.E.

    8. Speed is the epitome of gnar.
    When filming lines the amount of speed is much more important than tricks ...
    that Nollie Lazerflip would look wack if you're moving as fast as a girl in a shopping mall.

    9. Don't be a poser.
    Skate because you love skateboarding not because you're going filming and becoming popular, seeking attention, or want to be the "sk8er boi" so you can get the "skullxx nirvana girl".
    10. Support beginners.
    Always appreciate a landed trick or a close try even if it's too easy for you now, remember it was once hard.

    11. Skate for fun.
    Don't focus so much on getting sponsored, skateboarding is about fun. Focusing on getting sponsored and forgetting the fun part of it might make you eventually quit, if it wasn't the time for you to get picked up by a sponsor.

    12. Have patience.
    If you're filming never keep complaining that the skater can't land the trick already. Give him his time, if you volunteered to film then sit your ass down and wait for a landing.

  • Go Skateboarding Day Egypt 2014

    Go Skateboarding Day 2014 Alexandria

    Saturday, 21st of June, skateboarders will take over the streets of Alexandria!! We will meet up in front of the Skateimpact office, 220 Horreya Avenue at 9 am - 9:30 am we cruise downtown to Cinema Amir spot where we will settle down for a huge session. There will be ramps and competitions.
    Please note: The Skateimpact office will not be working on Saturday 21st of June.

    Happy Go Skateboarding Day !

    GSD 2014 Illustration
    Illustration by Ziad Ashraf

  • Lem Villemin Now Pro for Cliché

    Congratulations to Lem Villemin for turning pro for Cliché Skateboards.
    Watch his part now.

  • Yassin Koptan Ollie Cart in LA

  • الارادة و الطموح

    الارادة هى اللى بتمشى الواحد فى كل حاجة، هى اللى بتخليه يمشى الطاقة الايجابية كل يوم الصبح من راسه لحد لاموأخذة مؤخرته عشان يروح مدرسته و شغله او حتى عشان يعمل اى حاجة.