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  • Road to Skateboarding | Arabic Tricktips by Skateimpact | الطريق للسكيتبوردينج

  • Skateboard Etiquette: Expand your skateboard's lifespan


    Every skateboard dies eventually , but why do some skateboards last longer than others ? not only due to the quality of the board, type of skating ,how often the skating is, but also due to how you're treating your skateboard. Here is a list of tips that might help expanding your skateboard's lifespan.


    1. Water is a skateboard's enemy:
    Skateboard deck gets soggy and loses that crispy pop feel if it's new and gets a little heavier, trucks, bearings, hardware basically any metal pieces get rusty ... so remember stay out of the rain.


    2. Don't leave the griptape in the sun too much.
    Remember how you remove a griptape by heating it so the glue gets weaker making it easy to peel off ? well sun=heat. Don't leave your board griptape side up for hours in the sun.


    3.Clean your bearings regularly.
    Skateboarding is all about charging full speed. Bearings must always be in good condition. Skating anywhere exposes your bearings to dust which slows down the bearings, so clean them when you can ... once a month would do it.


    4.Quit throwing your boards.
    If you can't land a trick and it's taking endless tries try not to get it all out on your skateboard. If you can't hold your anger you can go Jerry Hsu scream your lungs out style, but never go Kerry Getz "Hockey Temper" style. No one likes a chipped deck, so why risk it ?


    5.Don't scrap your tail.
    Scrapping your tail may seem like a clever way to stop a skateboard in the eyes of beginners because they've probably seen it that gay stuart little white mouse movie or something, but no it's not clever and it doesn't look cool, it only gets the tip of your skateboard's tail thinner and the board loses pop.

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