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Go Skateboarding Day 2009, Porto Marina

A copy of the Waiver can be downloaded from here, printed, signed and brought with you to bus meetup point.

GSD Event Overview and Red Bull are hosting this year's Go Skateboarding Day, Sunday 21st of June in Porto Marina. Porto Marina is located in Marina Gate 3, the North Coast. Located 105 Km from Alexandria and 240 Km from Cairo.

Skaters and friends are welcome the whole day. For those who can't come on their own with their parents, Skateimpact is offering busses from Alexandria to Porto (EGP30 per person, limited seats, book your seats now by submitting the above application form) and from Cairo to Porto (EGP65 per person). Both busses are Airconditioned full sized bus for your comfort.
We have designed an awesome Freshpark Ramps Street course to be setup that you can't skate without a helmet and an adult signing a waiver form.

A skate Helmet is a must, and a waiver form must be signed by an adult at bus meetup point or on event spot in order to skate the ramps. is offering a sale starting from now and on GSD the helmets for EGP100

An open skate session then qualifications will take place then the contest will be held. Water and skateboarding maintenance hardware will be available on spot. A shuttle bus between Gate 3 and Gate 4 will help everyone to get their food and snacks.
At the end of the day busses will head back home.

Event Schedule

    Cairo Bus Info

    - Cairo Meetup at 11am
    - Departure at 11:30am
    - Meetup point at Tiba Mall
    - Airconditioned Bus
    - Ticket LE 65

    Alexandria Bus Info

    - Alexandria bus meetup at 24/7 spot (Alexandria International Garden) 1:00pm
    -Departure at 1:30pm after salat dohr

    Day Schedule

    - 4:00 Arrival at Porto
    - 5:00 Warm up and general sessions and contest registration
    - 6:00 Contest qualifications
    - 7:00 "Skate 'em all" contest
    - 8:00 Chillout and random session
    - 9:30 Busses departure. Arrival at around 11:30pm in Alexandria, and around 1am in Cairo.


Busses will be accompanied by our employees and each bus will have one in charge.
Waivers are needed to be signed, they just say that the skater is free to skate the freshpark ramps on his own risk. This form needs to be signed by an adult, if the skater is 18 years old and above he can sign it himself, if under 18 a parent must sign it for him.

Don't forget to bring:

- Your skateboard... obviously, unless you will be there to watch and chill out
- Pocket money
- ID
- Helmet

Skate 'em all contest

The course design is done in a way to have awesome combinations of obstacles, and the contest is about best trick over different obstacles.
The qualified skaters will have 15 minutes to land their best tricks on each obstacle and awarded points.
In the end, points are added up together and the top 3 skaters will get their prizes.

The contest awarded points are for:

- Best transition trick on hipped 2 quarter pipes
- Best grind/slide trick on funbox/rail
- Best trick off launch ramp

More info

- Free Red Bull with ramp course entrance registration.
- Helmets, safety pads and any needed hardware will be available for sale in Skateimpact tent.
- Food restaurants available at Gate 4 are McDonald's, Hardee's, KFC, Tikka, Pizza Hut, Costa, Papa John's and lots of supermarkets
- Music, entertainment, freebies for all attendings
- On spot emergency medical clinic and doctor will be available for any emergencies